Welcome to the SkyPrison Legacy Donation Store!

SkyPrison Legacy is the run by the same staff that ran the previous prison server, SkyPrison, and is currently a survival server.  When you join SkyPrison Legacy you will get to experience a new type of survival world with its unique terrain and biome generations.  As you seek to venture into the wilderness,  astonishment, and wonder will fill your mind.  May you build the most epic house, become the richest player, become the ultimate collector of special items, recruit the best team or become the top dog in your McMMO leveling, the choices are endless and up to you.


Previous donors (known as zdonors) on our server, automatically receive the perks listed at /warp donate in-game according to which zdonor a player is.  This can be checked by looking at /list or looking for the suffix that follows the player’s in the in-game chat.


Once you have made your purchase, please let an admin know in-game or, if none are online at the time, message one on our discord server to get your discord role. (Type /discord in-game to get our discord link.)

If you have any problem with the donations please contact an admin as soon as possible.